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Our Story


Our Mission

Here at T & T CONSTRUCTION we are committed to getting the job done as safe and time efficient as possible.

Our Story

T & T Construction is a 4th Generation family owned and operated dirt contracting and construction business. We specialize in oil field construction but are by no means limited to the oil patch. Started in 1948 by K.F. Hunt, T&T Construction still prides itself in being a quality and capable construction company still following the same standards set by KF in the beginning years of the company.

We believe that a foundation built in family and pride in a job well done is the perfect recipe for success on and off the job.

Our motto has always been "anything worth doing is worth doing right", and we instill this in all of our employees whether a newly hired or labor hand or an experienced veteran equipment operator. T & T Construction, we make dirt look good.


We make dirt look good


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